Who is the OGA?

The Old Girtonians’ Association (OGA) represents past students and staff.   The OGA is a global network of over 2,000 alumni and is the link between the past and present school community.

As valued custodians of Girton’s rich history, the OGA continues to support the growth and development of the School and current students while celebrating the achievements of our alumni, across the generations, located near and far.

The OGA has maintained close ties with the School since it was formed as an Association in October 1914.

OGA Constitution

Supporting the School community

The OGA hosts a calendar of alumni events, such as the reunions, professional networking and exclusive OGA school tours.

Each year, the OGA awards and funds the annual Departing Girtonian Scholarship to a Year Twelve student. It also makes valued donations and acquisitions for the School.

In addition, the OGA recognises individuals who have made significant contributions and delivered long standing service to the School through awarding Honorary Life Memberships and Honorary Associate Life Memberships.