In a world where career paths often take unexpected twists and turns, there are individuals who defy the conventional trajectory and embrace the opportunities that come their way. Meet Will Griffin, a lawyer hailing from Frew House and Girton’s graduating class of 2015.

While his journey began with a passion for music and science, fate had a different plan. Today, he stands as a prominent figure in the legal landscape, with a passion for justice and advocating for those in need.

With a solid educational foundation from Girton, Will embarked on his academic journey at La Trobe University. After studying Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths, Business Management, English Language, Music Styles and Composition, his career path seemed destined for the scientific or musical realm. However, life had surprises in store, leading him to pursue tertiary studies in law and business. Little did he know that these seemingly “odd choices” would shape his future in ways he never anticipated.

Since leaving Girton, Will has woven a tapestry of experiences, ranging from being a music tutor and volunteering at community legal centres to taking on leadership roles within the legal and university community.

“I was Chair of the Bendigo Student Association (BSA) during a changing era in the university sector with some very difficult, political and financial circumstances that placed significant pressure on the organisation, its staff and therefore the students it served,” said Will.

“The BSA was responsible for the student life and essential student services at the Bendigo campus at La Trobe….couple those issues with the beginning of a pandemic and you had the perfect storm.”

Will was inspired by the challenges faced by Girton itself in 1992 and 1993,  which strengthened his determination to find a better way and support the needs of students. Will along with a project team sought to find a better way and together embarked on a road trip across La Trobe’s campuses, engaging with students and crafting a vision for a unified and robust association that was sustainable and could support students across the State – the La Trobe Student Association was born from these challenges and the small project team was tasked with the writing of the company constitution, company policies and procedures and hiring of some twenty staff to ensure that students at La Trobe had a strong and viable organisation that could deliver student services across the state.

“I am proud to say that organisation still runs to this day and continues fulfilling the mission of making student life better for students in Albury, Mildura, Shepparton, Bendigo and Melbourne,” said Will.

Today, as a lawyer, Will finds great fulfilment in his work, particularly within the realm of family law.

“I enjoy my work as it affects people’s lives deeply,” he said.

“I am passionate about taking a connected partnership with clients, instilling them with the assurance and confidence to advance their lives beyond their legal issues.”

It is through his passion for justice and his dedication to making a positive impact that he continues to shape the lives of those he represents.

Life after Girton has been filled with transformative experiences and personal growth. Alongside his professional achievements, Will has travelled the world, exploring new cultures and forging lasting connections. In August, he plans to embark on a solo journey to the UK, where he will reunite with fellow Girtonians and create memories that further strengthen the bonds formed during their time at School.

Will’s journey from Girton to becoming a lawyer today exemplifies the essence of embracing unexpected opportunities. His diverse experiences, determination, and passion for justice have shaped his career and left a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves.

Will’s story serves as a reminder that the most remarkable journeys often begin with embracing unexpected opportunities.