Year 12 students at Girton Grammar School had the opportunity to participate in a Careers event hosted by the Old Girtonians Association on Thursday 23rd May. The event featured three former students who returned to share their professional and personal journeys since leaving Girton, providing valuable insights and inspiration to the current students.

Dr. Katie Snow (Millward 2007), shared her experience of pursuing a career in medicine. After completing her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and Bachelor of Advanced Medical Science at the University of Melbourne, Katie moved to Shepparton to finish the clinical years of her course before returning to Bendigo to work at the Bendigo Hospital. She has since obtained several additional qualifications, including a Diploma of Child Health, a Certificate of Women’s Health, and a Certificate of Sexual and Reproductive Health. Katie now works as a General Practitioner at the Bendigo Medical Centre in Epsom. She credited her Head of House, Mr. John McMillan, for inspiring her to push herself and value achievement through effort rather than innate ability. Despite her demanding career, Katie has also found time to travel, marry her husband Josh, and start a family with two children. Katie spoke about the concept of Ikigai, finding one’s purpose in life, and encouraged students to enjoy the journey of discovering their own Ikigai.

Alli Campbell (Millward 2005), shared her journey of breaking the expected life trajectory she had outlined for herself in her teens. After completing a double degree in Media and Communications and Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Alli started a photography business specialising in families, newborns, and commercial photography across regional Victoria, Melbourne, and NSW. She emphasised the importance of embracing the unexpected twists and turns in life, and encouraged students to have the confidence to follow their passions and enjoy the journey of self-discovery.

Former School Captain Toby Scott (Jenkin 2019), recounted his transition from high school to university life. Despite facing initial setbacks in achieving his desired ATAR score, Toby found success in obtaining his Bachelor of Laws at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He is passionate about helping others, as demonstrated by his internship at Refugee Legal, a non-profit organisation assisting refugees and migrants in Australia. In his spare time, Toby works as the Assistant Venue Manager of the Northcote Theatre, drawing on his love for the performing arts. He reflected on the importance of embracing unexpected changes and finding opportunities for growth and fulfillment in unexpected places.

Overall, the Careers event was a valuable and inspiring experience for the Year 12 students, offering encouragement and guidance as they embark on their own professional and personal journeys beyond high school. The speakers’ stories highlighted the importance of embracing challenges, following one’s passions, and enjoying the process of self-discovery and growth. The event served as a reminder of the limitless possibilities and opportunities that await the students as they navigate their own paths towards fulfilling and meaningful futures.