As Girton Grammar School enters its 30th year, the Old Girtonians’ Association has had pause for thought about who we are and where we are headed.

For more than 100 years, the OGA has supported Girton along a somewhat tumultuous path.  The birth of the OGA in 1914 was formed so as to arrange a suitable memorial to perpetuate the memory of Mrs Millward and Mrs Aherne, the co-founders of Girton.

In 1992, Girton came to an abrupt halt when the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo announced Girton College’s closure. After 108 years of operation under the Anglican Church, the school was reimagined as an independent non-profit school overseen by a Board of volunteers.

Through persistence, hard work, lobbying, fund-raising and countless hours of voluntary labour, the Friends of Girton performed the miraculous task of establishing Girton Grammar School, retaining the “Girton” name along with the century-old school motto “through hardship to the stars” (Per Aspera Ad Astra) which was very much enacted in the establishment of the new school.

The students who came from Girton College to Girton Grammar School did not miss a day of classes. This story of endurance and striving still inspires students and staff to this day.

As a reflection of the times and this year’s 30th Anniversary, as well as next year’s 140th Anniversary of Girton, the OGA was focused on representing our recent and established alumni by finding a common thread that draws all alumni together.  It is the driving motivation behind the concept of an updated logo for the Old Girtonians’ Association.

In October, 2022 OGA Life Members were invited to participate in an online survey regarding the proposed evolution of the Old Girtonians’ Association logo.  The feedback was resoundingly positive.  Over 80% of the responding OGA members thought that the logo should be updated.

In honour of the long-standing school motto Per Aspera Ad Astra, the OGA will now feature stars at the centre of the logo, symbolising the strength and spirit which Girton has epitomised over its long history.

We know that the school motto has existed since at least 1914, and the symbol of the stars is important to Girtonians past and present, featuring in the school song (Lyrics by P I’Anson, Music by Winifred Batterham) since 1968 and appearing on the current school crest and logo. The updated OGA logo will visually tie the Association more closely to the school, with the four stars taken directly from Girton’s logo.

As guardians of the school history, the OGA logo featuring the Bishops Mitre will remain a time-honoured and nostalgic feature at relevant reunions, celebrations and events.

We hope that in this – Girton Grammar School’s 30th year – the new OGA logo resonates with our members and provides both the continuity of history and forward-looking spirit it is intended to embody.