Meghan Ketterer lives by the mantra, “if the shoe fits….” which quickly becomes apparent when you realise that she was a student at Girton Grammar for 13 years and 5 short years later is back at the school working as a teacher.

This unassuming and pragmatic Old Girtonian knew from an early age that teaching was for her. That it would be in Special Needs Education came as more of a surprise, having commenced a Bachelor of Graphic Design with a Diploma of Education only in her distant sights.

Realising that Graphic Design was not her calling, she took 6 months off to work full time at Paul Sadler Swimland teaching students from age 3 and above to swim.  She also worked at Girton Grammar as a prep assistant, which reinforced her desire to become a teacher.

There must have been something in the water, because her time as a swim teacher made Meghan realise her strengths in working with young children to overcome sometimes, from their perspective, massive obstacles.

Meghan completed a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Special Needs Education, graduating from LaTrobe University last year. She now works in the Girton Grammar Junior School as a Release Teacher (covering classes for teachers during their release time for other roles that they hold in the School), and as a Classroom Assistant.

“I worked at Girton as a classroom assistant and integration aide in the Junior School during my time at University, and was also lucky enough to complete my final practicum at Girton Grammar last year.

“Clearly, I love the school and I credit the fact that I am an educator to all the great teachers at Girton who with passion and drive have influenced me with regard to becoming a teacher.

“Visual Communication and Design and Design and Technology VCE teacher, Mrs Leonie Lister, was one of my most influential teachers.

“She had such passion for teaching her subject with determination to get the best out of every student.

“I remember her staying at school til all hours at night to allow our folios to be complete, early morning fittings before school and countless lunchtimes spent drawing and sewing.

“The whole school has changed and developed in the short time since I left.  I am just blown away at the facilities the school now has and the mass of opportunities this affords all of our students.”

Since leaving Girton, Meghan has travelled to Europe as well as enjoying several trips to Bali. She has moved into her own home which, with countless hours of help from her parents, has been renovated from a stripped shell to a contemporary cottage. She is the proud owner of a puppy named Buddy, who is spoilt rotten, and loved by all who meet him.

In true Meghan style, she still works at Paul Sadler Swimland, showing the same loyalty that she so often does in every part of her life. Meghan was an OGA Committee member in 2013/14 and we look forward to her active involvement in the School and OGA on many levels, for many years to come.

Meg with dog