Nick, or Mr Pease as he is to his students, loves singing and song writing and has enjoyed teaching VCE English, so as Girton’s Head of Drama, he is either very well qualified or completely lost.

If you have attended a recent Senior School production or enjoyed the Speech Night spectacle that is the “Boys Item”, you will know that, far from being lost, Nick seems to have found his calling.

Travelling from Melbourne each day to teach Drama, Nick gave up his previous 12 minute commute to Buckley Park College in Essendon, for a change of scene.

“I worked for 10 years at Buckley Park, where I was Head of Drama as well as teaching VCE English, VCAL and Media Studies.

“Having attended Girton as a student, I never expected to end up teaching here.

“I am happy to commute from Melbourne to work alongside colleagues that inspired me in my own school days.

“The train is my mobile office and actually creates a good buffer between work and home,” he said.

After graduating from Girton, Nick completed a double degree in Education and Performing Arts at Deakin University in Burwood. Art, History and Literature were his stand-out subjects at school with inspiring teachers giving him guidance that he still appreciates today.

“Mrs Carol Knowles was an inspiration to me and much of the reason I continued with Art through to year twelve. I loved the opportunities to develop my artistic skills with her.

“She was, and still is, someone who calls it how it is, she’s no nonsense and loves to engage on a personal level with her students.

“Mrs Robyn MacCulloch was my VCE History teacher. She has always been so engaging and organised – her approach to teaching key historical facts as well as essay writing has benefited me to this day.

“I was thrilled with my final results for History: Revolutions, and my results are a reflection of the amount of time and effort she invested into me.

“In literature I had Mrs Betty Jenkin who was caring towards all her students. She taught so effortlessly and seemed to appreciate my sense of humour!

“I have a few personal favourites too, in Mr Rick McWaters and Mrs Winsome Wastell who are brilliant teachers in their own right and who continue to inspire young people today,” Nick said.

Nick attended Girton when the Junior and Senior Schools were on the same campus. He now works in the Performing Arts building which did not exist while he was a student at the school. He says the facilities have grown enourmously in recent years but what he loves is that the school culture and values are unwavering.

“I love that Girton has changed its façade but has remained true to its values which really teaches young people the benefit of persistence, endurance and excellence in all fields,” he said.

Nick has travelled to France and spent time exploring Paris as well as staying with a host family in St. Ursule. He is a proud home owner who has discovered through weekend renovations that home design and power tools are much more appealing than he had imagined.

We hope that Nick puts his new-found handyman skills to work at Girton, perhaps with some set design and constructionNIckn. Then again, some new school songs would be nice!Nick Pease in front of Woods posters Nick watches Woods