Alexander Zegelin (2012 Aherne) is studying to be a teacher but could equally end up making his living from music.

Alex is lead guitarist and songwriter in a heavy metal band called Path of Destruction and won the State Final of the University National Campus Band Competition and came 3rd in the National Battle of the Bands Competition recently held in Sydney.

Alexander said that Head of House, Mr Vernon, was a great support to him during his time at Girton.

“Nigel Vernon was influential in my development and really helped me to survive the stress and commitment of Senior School.

“He is a lot of the reason I am now enrolled at La Trobe University in Bendigo studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary/Secondary), he said.

Alexander said that he always knew he wanted to become a teacher and did not think his music would end up being much more than something on the side.

“I did not think that my music would go as far as it has and I treated my band as more of a hobby while I was at school.

“But we slowly started getting recognised and the music has somewhat taken off since I left school,” he said.

Alexander has been with Path of Destruction since 2012 and has been developing his guitar playing and acting skills along the way. The band hopes to tour in January in Queensland alongside other bands but Alexander will also keep his feet firmly planted in his studies.

Alexander Zegelin 1