Because of the high regard in which Erin Moss holds Girton Grammar, she did not expect to become a teacher at the place that she describes as the “pinnacle of education within our region”. And yet, in 2012 she won the prestigious Girton Grammar Staff Award, well and truly earning her position back at the school that she once attended as a student.

Erin always knew that she wanted to become a Primary School teacher and did a Bachelor of Education with a major in Japanese. Following this, she worked as a Primary School teacher at Maiden Gully Primary School, teaching Prep, Year 2 and Year 4 students.

During this time she was selected to represent the Victorian Education Department and Maiden Gully Primary School in New Zealand at a Professional Development Leaders in Literacy Education course.

Erin believes that the best teachers are the ones who truly understand the person that a student wants to become.

“The late Mrs Betty Jenkin supported me immensely in my journey to find out who I wanted to become.

“She nurtured and channeled my enthusiasm and pushed me to pursue leadership opportunities and fulfill my passions.

“Similarly, my Year 12 English teacher, Mrs Winsome Wastell, who still teaches at Girton, took the time to develop a positive relationship with me and gain an understanding of my needs as a student.

“She gently encouraged, pushed and developed my skills until I was proud of what I achieved. To this day, I am truly grateful,” Erin said.

Erin is married with a two year old son, Izak, but she has three children if you count her two Jack Russell’s, which she does. The whole family loves to camp and fish on the Murray River.

When asked about the biggest changes to the school since she was a student here, she says emphatically, “Facilities and new buildings. Wow! What amazing spaces for students to learn!”

Pictured: Erin with husband, Jason, and son, Izak

Erin Moss_husband and child