As a child, flying captivated Liam Goodall’s imagination. It seemed powerful, free and adventurous. It also seemed like an impossible dream.

In Year 12 at Girton (2007), Liam did English, Maths Methods, Advanced Maths, Physics and VET electronics, achieving entry into a Mechanical Engineering degree, which seemed like a logical degree for his talents. But the dream of becoming a pilot had not faded.

Over that long summer break before intending to commence University, Liam researched all possible avenues for becoming a pilot and after receiving news from the Royal Australian Airforce that his asthma would prevent him from flying, he continued to knock on doors and was eventually accepted into Regional Express as a First Officer via their Cadet program.

Liam said that he was never sure that his dream of becoming an international pilot was ever going to become a reality, and certainly not within 10 years of leaving school.

“I feel very fortunate to have gone straight into aviation after finishing at Girton.

“My first full time job was as a First Officer with Regional Express at the age of 21, then when I turned 27 I was promoted to Captain.

“At 28 I moved to Dubai to become a First Officer with Emirates on a Boeing 777, which is where I currently work.

“I think you know a career is right for you when thinking about it makes you smile to yourself and feel excited or nervous. Being a pilot still has this effect on me,” Liam said.

Liam worked casually in a factory and in hospitality while at Girton, and between high school and flight training, which he maintains were very valuable life experiences that contributed hugely to his maturity and personal development. Since leaving Girton he has completed a Diploma of Aviation and of course, an Air Transport Pilot licence.

Liam has fond memories of his time at school and credits many teachers for setting him on the right path in working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree.

“I could not possibly narrow down to just one person in terms of who had the most influence on me.

“I was taught by so many teachers over my time at Girton who passed on wisdom, and who had patience with us when we struggled. Our teachers spoke to us honestly as adults and inspired us.

“The teachers who stick in my mind, to name only a few, are  Mr Mcmillan, Mrs Wastell, Mrs Arnel, Mr and Mrs Farqueson, Mr Clements, Mr Evans and Mr Lorincz,” he said.

As might be expected, Liam has seen a lot of the world and has lived in Albury, Melbourne, Sydney and Dubai. Despite living half way around the world from Bendigo, he still has a close family relationship with his parents and brother and he has learned how to kitesurf and surf, which were long held personal goals. He is also passionate about health and wellbeing.

For someone who purposes not to have been the best student, Liam’s career success is furthered by the fact that he has published a children’s book about following dreams and achieving goals, making him an excellent ambassador for persistence and hard work.

You can follow Liam’s blog about being a pilot at or on Instagram good_all369.