As Year 12 students prepare to leave school, they are entering the most crucial decision time of their lives. The future is exciting and, at the same time, a little bit ‘scary’.

Making the right choice about a future career is likely on the priority list, and many students might not yet know which path to take. However, it is very normal, and talking to a career expert can assist with lots of questions, preparation, misconceptions, and tips!

We have a very timely visit from one of our past students, Roxanne Calder, a recruitment and career expert and author of the book, “Employable”, which talks about the ‘7 Attributes’ needed to be employable.

Although the book and Roxanne’s experience applies to any age and stage in life, the most significant advantage will be to those who adopt these skills and advice early, and time is on their side of our Year 12 graduates.

Roxanne spent over 20 years in human resources and the recruitment industry, where she has held various senior positions in Australia, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. After completing her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched her boutique recruitment agency, EST10, in July 2010.

Roxanne Calder graduated from Girton College, a proud Frewian, in 1986. She was a humanities, languages and business student whose favourite teachers were English teachers, Mrs. West and Mr. Jackson.

In a recent conversation with Roxanne, she told us a bit more of her life, career and journey after she graduated from Girton, for which she has very fond memories.

“At University, I took a great interest in human resources, and I have always enjoyed discovering people’s potential.

“I completed an MBA, which was a challenging and wonderful experience. The timing was then perfect for me to start my own business and the education, which I am a big believer in, contributed to my confidence to do so”, she said.

Roxanne’s recently released book, “Employable; 7 Attributes To Assure Your Working Future,” draws a direct line between the attributes that make people employable and successful.

“The job market is more competitive and unpredictable than ever before, no matter the age of the job seeker”.

Roxanne believes knowing yourself well and developing crucial attributes needed for your career and life will ensure success, meaningful employment, fulfillment, and joy, which ultimately is everyone’s goal/dream.

“I am so looking forward to speaking with the Year 12 Girton students and helping them to prepare for the incredible and exciting journey that lies ahead.

“No matter what field young people are thinking about delving into, starting it right and focusing on what matters the most will take them a long way towards their dream job/career.

“Skilling up for interviews and writing compelling cover letters are essential first steps. Then it is a matter of being confident in what you can bring to any job.

“Technology is escalating the rate of change in the workplace, and while young people have an advantage here, understanding the importance of quality communication, including manners, non -entitlement, patience, etc. will still be needed.

“It is job-seekers responsibility to demonstrate to future employers their abilities, skills and potential.

“The younger you are, the better your opportunity at establishing the right attributes and attitudes and then mastering them.

“Believing in yourself is the first step in having others believe in you. Whether you are a rhino or a unicorn, or a rhino who believes they are a unicorn, what is most important is the belief in yourself,” Roxanne said.

Roxanne will visit Girton Grammar School and speak to Year 12 students in August as part of the Year 12 VCE Gen programme.

To purchase Roxanne’s book, “Employable, 7 Attributes To Assure Your Working Future”, go to: