Jessica Farrar (2014 Jenkin) believes firmly that everything happens for a reason so winning the 2014 OGA Departing Girtonian Scholarship is bound to set her exactly on the path that she dreams of.

Gap Medics is a worldwide non-profit organisation based in the UK and a leading provider of work experience in the medical field. Jessica hopes to work and live in a regional area of Thailand, Tanzania or the Czech Republic to gain hands-on experience before returning to Australia to embark on study in the medicine.

“I think the real-life experience I can gain by working with Gap Medics will really help to give my studies a sharp focus and provide the motivation to get through the years of study that will lie ahead.

“Winning the OGA Scholarship is an honour and a privilege and will go a long way to helping me cover expenses related to getting overseas to be a part of the Gap Medics program,” Jess said.

Jess said that she has always been internally motivated to peruse medicine as a career path and since suffering some ill health herself, has a real passion for patient care and the delivery of healthcare in a caring and supportive environment.

“I want the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives and for me that means following my passion for effective healthcare and studying medicine.

“I’m pretty hard working and determined to finish what I start so I can’t wait to immerse myself in volunteering overseas and then studying back in Australia,” she said.

Jessica describes her time at Girton Grammar as a “wild ride”. She is sentimental about leaving the school but also excited about taking on the next chapter.

When asked what the two most important things she has gained from her time at Girton Grammar, Jessica cites emotional intelligence and dealing with her own and other people’s emotions, along with friendships with both teachers and students.

“The relationships I’ve built with some of the teachers at this school is phenomenal.

“Many of them go well above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve even had email replies at 11pm from teachers.

“I’ve learned to ask for help, which is not always easy, but it is always forthcoming from the teachers and my friends and I am so grateful.

“I have grown in confidence and strength of character and have become fiercely independent and self-reliant and I feel as though Girton has equipped me with the skills and knowledge I will need to face any challenge,” she said.

Jessica was an elected prefect for Jenkin House, assisted students weekly in maths tuition, was an SRC representative, a Peer Support Leader, a Smith Family Reading Program volunteer and has raised money for a number of volunteer organisations including Bendigo Righteous Pups, CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes Challenge and for Red Balloon Day. Jessica has also achieved a number of Academic Merit Certificates over the years at Girton.

We wish Jessica all the best for 2015 and beyond and congratulate her on winning the 2014 OGA Departing Girtonian Scholarship.

Jessica with her proud family:OGA 1