On 21st March at the Arts Centre Playhouse, 2015 graduate Lachlan Geary will perform his Acting and Directing monologue that he created for his VCE Theatre Studies examination last year.

Lachlan received an A+ for his monologue in the exam and following an audition in Melbourne in front of a panel of VCAA Theatre Studies assessors, was one of only 20 students statewide selected to perform at the prestigious Top Class concert at the forthcoming Arts Centre event.

“I had to perform in full costume and makeup, along with my props and sound effects, just like the performance examination.

“I was lucky enough to be selected based on my interpretation of ‘Tiga’ who is a homeless dog journeying through Melbourne’s urban landscape, from the play ‘Stray’,” Lachlan said.

Lachlan is taking a Gap year this year. Although he is not certain what his future may hold, a course in Performing Arts is very high on his wish list, although he is not under any illusions about the industry.

“I would love to be lucky enough to have a career in the Performing Arts.

“I am aware however, of how much work and dedication it takes to make it in the performance industry and it would still be many years down the track for me.

“Check back with me in 10 years and we will see how that dream is going!” he said.

Lachlan said that Girton had provided him with excellent opportunities in music, dance and drama.

“I believe it is the premier school in Bendigo for Performing Arts courses and co-curricular opportunities with amazing rooms, spaces and staff available to assist with the growth of each student involved,” he said.