With a swag of scholarships, degrees, a cadetship, a graduate program and a published book under his belt, you would be forgiven for feeling a little lazy in the presence of Dean Munro.

Dean attended Girton Grammar from 2002 to 2007. He currently works for the NSW Government as a Senior Quantity Surveyor, and it has been a fast and furious journey to get there.

During a Construction Management Degree, Dean was offered a cadetship with a multinational corporation where he worked for 4 years.

Six months before actually graduating, Dean secured a Graduate position within the firm and began writing a book about achieving financial success during the university years – he was already off to a great start with the firm paying his University fees on top of his salary, whilst studying.

His book, “Breaking the Chains”, is based on true life experiences about how Uni students can get rich, with Dean being an exemplar of the success story, graduating from Uni with a property portfolio and a healthy investment in precious metals.

Along the way, Dean collected scholarships and prizes including a Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (2008), George Alexander Foundation Award (2010) & Freemasons Victoria Post-Secondary Award (2008).

He was also promoted prematurely out of the Graduate program to become accredited in his profession then promptly offered a job at North Projects, originally in their Melbourne office then later in their Sydney office.

Dean now lives in Mcmahons Point, Sydney, which he loves, although he does confess to missing the country lifestyle and friendly people of Bendigo.